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Published on October 30th, 2011 | by thevyne


Tech Savvy: Around the House & Out and About

It’s time to take inventory of your tech savvy goods. Check out these “around the house” and “out and about” gadgets to complement your on the go and in the know lifestyle.

Around the House 

1. L5 Remote – With this free app and this $50 plug-in adapter you can turn your iPhone into a universal remote. The coolest thing about it is you can choose (drag/drop) the buttons you want to appear on your remote.

2. Kensington SmartSockets  – The one multi-plug adapter that can actually fit six plugs thanks to its circular shape. The fun colors allow you to color code your plugs too.

3. Kelvin.23 Supertool – What woman can’t use a supertool that has everything you could need right at your finger tips?

Out and About

4. Microsft Arc Touch Mouse – This is a must have for the road warrior. Best thing about it is that it flattens to fit neatly into your briefcase, purse or laptop sleeve. As soon as you turn it on it arc up into an ergonomically correct wireless mouse.

5. Steripen – Say goodbye to suspect water. When you dip this UV pen into 16oz of water you’ll have killed 99% of the bacteria only 48 seconds later. Drink up!

6. Clear – While not exactly a gadget, this Clear card is definitely for the tech savvy. For an annual fee, you can purchase a chip that stores biometric information about you (e.g. fingerprint, eye scan, etc.) so that you are pre-cleared for airport travel security lines. It’s currently available for use in Denver and Orlando Airports and is getting a great deal of buzz in the press.

7. Nike + iPod – What do you get when you cross the innovation of Nike with the technology of Apple? You get the most supped up  pedometer known to man. Just hook up your iPod or iPhone, place the Nike chip in your sneaker and enjoy the convenience of tracking your runs, uploading the data to your computer, listening to your music while you work out and host of other talking digital trainer benefits.

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