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They say luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. Some people are lucky in love, lucky in career or lucky in life. When you hear about people who’ve experienced luck they often refer to it as “lightning striking”. Steve Jobs’ Apple innovations were examples of “lightning striking”. Meeting a person by chance and falling in love when you least expect it feels like “lightning striking”.  Starting a business and getting millions of dollars in funding overnight is like “lightning striking”.

The luck equation is an interesting one because you control part of it (preparation) and the other part you don’t (opportunity). So what if today was the day that the part you don’t control, the opportunity part, came to fruition? What if today was the day when lightning strikes for you. The day when that job opens up that you’ve been waiting for. The day when the guy of your dreams finally crosses your path. The day when an investor with millions of dollars to blow wants to invest in your idea. The day when a casting agent is looking for your type. The day when you’re introduced to the one person you’ve been wanting to speak to. The day when whatever “lightning” constitutes for you, finally strikes. Will you be ready? Are you ready?

If your answer to that question is “no”, then what are you waiting for? It’s fairly safe to say that wondering, thinking, talking about, planning, praying for something in particular to happen and being confused as to why it hasn’t yet isn’t preparation. Maybe you need motivation to move your preparation forward. So here’s a theory to motivate you. What if you actually have more control over the equation than you think? What if the very act of preparation is what activates the opportunity to come to you? Let’s go with this theory and let today be the day that you move your preparation into action. That you physically get out of your head, off your couch, out of your rut and move your preparation into action. Define your dream, make a plan and execute on it.

If luck is like lightning striking…then preparation is the lightning rod. Be the lightning rod.

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