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Published on October 29th, 2011 | by thevyne


Relax, Relate Release…: 9 Ways to Better Manage Stress

By Kailei R.

“Slow down and everything you are chasing will come around and catch you.” ~John De Paola

Like most professional women living a busy, fast-paced life, I find myself being stressed way too often. Sometimes I feel like one moment I’m feeling balanced, the next moment I’m feeling completely overwhelmed and frazzled and wondering why! So I thought I’d share some things I’ve discovered to help me not walk around a like a crazy woman that hopefully you can learn from too.


1)   Breathe: So simple, yet so effective. Listen to yourself taking a big, deep breath. Eckhart Tolle talk about how one conscious breath is meditation.

2)   Pray: Getting more in tune with your spiritual source helps to not only center yourself, but also keep you grounded in what’s important. Harold Koenig, M.D. released a book entitled Handbook of Religion and Health which uncovered several benefits between health and spirituality. Included in his findings: people who more religious tend to become depressed less often and when they are they recover faster than those who are not religious.

3)   Meditate: Meditation really helps give me some space in my brain and reduce the anxiety that comes from a demanding lifestyle. One guided meditation that I enjoy is Mary Maddox’s “Meditation Oasis.”


4)   Take a day off: Whether it’s a “staycation” at home, or a long weekend on the beach, having a day off focusing on you can really help you get in the right state of mind (consider it a “sanity protection” day).

5)   Do something you love: What brings you joy? Do you have a favorite music artist, activity, TV show or movie? Even when your schedule is so busy that it seems like you can’t spare a moment, it’s worth fitting in as little as 30 minutes to do something that makes you happy and gets you energized.

6)   Surround yourself with good energy: Negative people and things can really suck your energy. And when you don’t have much energy to take, they can be even more of a drain. When you’re feeling stressed, stay away from “Debbie Downers” and things that bring you down. Instead, seek out people who make you laugh, people who love you unconditionally, and things like flowers and beautiful scenery that can put you in a happy place.


7)   Exercise: Getting that heart pumping and the blood flowing is a great way to release the stress that is pent up in your body. Go on a run, take a class (I’m loving zumba!), or spend some time on the elliptical machine. I also highly recommend Bikram yoga – this intense, 90 minute class in a 100+ degree room may not make you feel like you’re meditating like other forms of yoga, but it is so strenuous that I guarantee you won’t be thinking about work or stress while doing the postures.

8)   Get a massage: Massage therapy is a great way to release the tension that is in your muscles. And a good massage doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. Keep an eye out on Living Social and Groupon or check out your local massage therapy school for special deals.

9)   Talk it out: Whether it is your bestie, partner, therapist or a friend who is a good listener, sometimes it’s good to let it all out. By sharing what’s getting you stressed with someone who can give good advice or at least listen, you may be able to see things differently than before.

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