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Plan a Chic Halloween Soiree

If you’re a person who gets into the spirit of all holidays, then you are no doubt gearing up for Halloween. Whether its buying a costume to attend a party or preparing to throw your own Halloween party, all of that preparation can get pretty involved if you go all out. It can also get pretty tacky if you overdose on all the orange and black and tacky plastic decorations. So if you are preparing to throw a party, why not let this year be the year you throw a chic, classy adult Halloween soiree with décor and accoutrements that show off your sophisticated side? To get you started, we scoured the web for classy ideas and décor.

Use Non-Traditional Theme Ideas: Vampire Chic, Gothic Victorian, Phantom of the Opera or even a Murder Mystery Party. You can require your guests to wear costumes illustrating their take on the theme or characters in the murder mystery in a fashionably chic way as opposed to the tradition Halloween costume.

Think Out of Box With Your Décor:Put away the old “orange and black” stuff and instead opt for a color palette of black, white, red and silver. You can cover your main food table with black or white lace table cloths and fill beautiful yet simple clear glass vases with bunches of deep, red roses. In each of your bathrooms you can add subtle décor like black, white and red mini skulls next to the soap. Try using silver serving trays to display your food, Halloween themed wine charms for your guest’s glasses and striking candles and candle holders.

  1. Haunted House LED candle
  2. Bone Chillers Ice Cube Trays
  3. Antique Mercury Pumpkins
  4. Rattan Witch Broom (perfect for a corner in your living room)
  5. Midnight Candelabra
  6. Phantom Pillar Holder
  7. Halloween Wine Charms

Keep the Food Fabulous: Just because Halloween is all about the candy/dessert, doesn’t mean to skimp on the food. Recommend you prepare a menu and actually type it up and mount it on sophisticated silver stands. Check out food network’s site for fabulous recipes. Here’s a dessert idea, try gourmet red velvet cupcakes with black and white cream cheese icing made to look like spider-webs. Yum! Always Have a Signature Cocktail: What’s a dinner party without a signature cocktail…or two? Recommend you add the cocktails you’re serving to your printed menu so you can control orders, be sure you have enough ingredients and to keep you from running in and out of the kitchen trying to concoct drinks you didn’t plan for. Click here for a few cocktail ideas to get you started.

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