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Get Your Golf On!

Whether you’re into it or not, golf is still the chosen sport of many successful businessmen. As such, it’s still the place where a great deal of business get’s discussed formally and informally. Not to mention the times when the head of a department (in this example, a man who enjoys golf) decides the team outting will be a golf trip. If the only golfing you’ve ever done is navigating your way around the elephant’s trunk at your local miniature golf place, then the thought of a real golf game can be rather intimidating. So what do you do when a trip to the golf course pops up on your schedule unexpectedly and turning down the invitation could be career limiting? Here’s what you do, you take a quick read of these basic tips and make sure you’re prepared to hit em’ straight (that’s golf-speak by the way):

  • What to wear? Collared shirts are a must so consider choosing a nice Polo in a color that’s flattering yet understated. Shorts to the knee or a skort are your best bet. Avoid skirts, last thing you want to do is flash someone while picking up a ball.
  • What to shoe? Since you’ll be walking an average of 3-4 miles on an 18 hole golf course, you’ll want to invest in a good pair of shoes. Most courses require soft spike shoes so if purchase ones with metal spikes you’ll need to get them changed out at the pro shop.
  • What to tote? Take the cannoli, leave the designer bag. Seriously, though you probably want to leave the statement bag at home and opt for a small, stylish but understated pouch to keep a few personal items. You can leave it on the golf cart as you play.
  • What to bring? Bring plenty of golf balls and tees since you’ll probably lose a lot considering its your first time out.
  • What to club? The going rule is no more than 14 clubs per golfer. If you’re just starting out, research says for a 9 hole game of golf you’ll at least need a putter, 3 wood, 5 iron, 6 iron and a sand wedge.
  • What to tip? At most municipal courses, tipping tends to not be an issue. However if you’re playing on a private, semi-private or upscale course then it may be customary to tip the “cart jockeys”. These are the folks who show up at your car out of nowhere to carry your clubs to and from the course. Bring a few bills just in case.
  • What to rule? Save yourself and your golf buddies a day of frustration by reading up on the rules of golf before you arrive. You may not be able to commit everything to memory but at least everything won’t sound like a foreign language to you on your first day. Here’s a good source for some rules for beginners.


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