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Published on September 3rd, 2011 | by thevyne


How to Know When it’s Time to Lose Weight

We trust our girlfriends to tell us everything. Whether it’s to tell us when that guy we’re head over heels for is a jerk or whether that outfit is not a good look. Whatever the circumstance we trust our girlfriends to give it to us straight. But what about when we put on weight? You know, that extra 10-15lbs that starts to show in how your clothes are fitting. Do your girlfriends tell you about that? Better yet, have you ever told one of your girlfriends, “girl, I think you need to hit the gym?” Probably not and probably because you didn’t want to hurt her feelings. According to, 4 out of 5 black women are either overweight or obese. Considering that, it seems like we might need to start telling each other for our own good and helping each other get healthy.

So if your girlfriends haven’t told you lately, here are a few light hearted ways to know when it’s time to lose weight along with a few suggestions for how to get motivated to do something about it:

1. When you have resorted to wearing spanx with EVERY outfit, not just your cute cocktail dress…. #ItsTimeToLoseWeightBoo

2. When, upon wearing your spanx, they roll down your stomach half way through the evening… #ItsTimeToLoseWeightBoo

3. When you’ve sucked in your stomach but it still looks poked out (e.g. the infamous “booty-do”, meaning your stomach pokes out further than your “booty do”)….. #ItsTimeToLoseWeightBoo

4. When you look straight down and <gasp!> can’t see your toes…. #ItsTimeToLoseWeightBoo

5. When you have to move your stomach out of the way to do any of the following: reach down, strap up your sandals, lotion your feet, etc….. #ItsTimeToLoseWeightBoo

6. When you wear your favorite button down shirt and have a “biscuit can” moment (e.g. the second button pops open) and/or any of the buttons on the shirt are hanging on for dear life…. #ItsTimeToLoseWeightBoo

7. When putting on a cute belt makes your body look like you’ve tied string around bread dough… #ItsTimeToLoseWeightBoo

8. When shopping isn’t fun anymore and you’ve resorted to looking for pants with elastic and tops that always flow away from the body… #ItsTimeToLoseWeightBoo

9. When you’ve begun enlisting your friends to join you on your bad eating binges… #ItsTimeToLoseWeightBoo

10. When walking up a few flights of stairs makes you feel as winded as if you had run up the stairs… #ItsTimeToLoseWeightBoo


Ok—now that you know it’s time to lose weight, here are a few suggestions to help get you focused on getting healthy again:

1. Pick out a celebrity who is in shape but has a similar body type to you. Use that person’s body as your inspiration/motivation for what your body WILL look like when you get it back in shape.

2. Buddy up with a girlfriend and agree to work out a certain number of times each week, then check in on each other each day to make sure it happened.

3. If you’re a morning person, try working out first thing in the morning before you do anything else…this way you’ve gotten it out of the way for the day.

4. Set up a reward for yourself, like a shopping spree! Determine a weight loss goal and timeframe for losing the weight (e.g. 3 months). Then if you reach your goal, allow yourself to go shopping for some new clothes, you’ll need them now that you’ve lost the weight.

5. Go out on Groupon or LivingSocial to get a good deal on a bootcamp class or yoga classes being held near you.

6. Plan your workout week. For example, sometimes just going to the gym can be boring. So instead, plan something different each day: Monday – gym, Tuesday – Dance class, Wednesday – Running outdoors, Thursday – Yoga, Friday – Exercise DVD, then take Saturday and Sunday off.

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  1. Carol says:

    Very important!!! A cut off time for eating.Example 7:00pm

    Work out 5 days a week approx 45 min to 1 hour. Eat a light

    breakfast to start your metabolism. Example Protein..

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