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The Vyne DVR: What We’re Watching Now

As busy women we often don’t have time to watch shows when they come on each week and instead opt to DVR our television entertainment. Likewise, sometimes we’re so busy we don’t even have time to figure out what shows are good enough to DVR in the first place. No worries ladies, here’s a list of what we’re DVR’ing now and why.

1) Season 25: Oprah Behind the Scenes on OWN – Airs: Sunday nights at 8pm EST; Why We’re DVR’ing: For one, it’s Oprah. For two, it’s a fun peek behind the curtain on how the Oprah Winfrey show ticks (or..used to tick). Likewise, you gotta love Sheri Salata, she’s the ultimate Executive Producer.

2) Single Ladies on VH1 – Airs: Monday nights at 9pm EST; Why We’re DVR’ing: We’re loving Stacey Dash as Val on the show because she’s an educated entrepreneur. Likewise, the styling of Stacey Dash by Anthony Williams is impeccable. Kudos to Stacy Littlejohn, Shelby Stone and Queen Latifah for re-imagining the standard plot into a stylishly fun and engaging viewing experience.

3) The Glee Project on Oxygen – Airs: Sunday nights at 9pm EST;  Why We’re DVR’ing: Interestingly enough, neither of us watches “Glee” regularly but there’s something captivating about the “The Glee Project”. The contestants are tremendously talented and you get to see them sing, act, dance and get judged. Check out back episodes On Demand to get caught up before watching the final episodes.

4) HawthoRNe on TNT – Airs: Tuesday nights at 10pm EST; Why We’re DVR’ing: Loving how the writers have stepped up the drama. Not only that, Jada Pinkett-Smith is looking fabulous and turning in an incredible performance.

5) Entourage on HBO – Airs: Sunday nights at 10:30pm EST; Why We’re DVR’ing: Because it’s the last season and it’s an exaggerated but fun (and might I add revealing) peek into the comings and goings of a group of guy friends.

6) Millionaire Matchmaker on Bravo – Airs: Monday nights at 9pm EST; Why We’re DVR’ing: New season starts Monday Aug 15. Although last season Patty clearly dialed up the “I’ll snap on anyone who annoys me including my paying clients” factor, we’re still hooked and planning to tune in.

7) Project Runway on Lifetime – Airs: Thursday nights at 9pm EST; Why We’re DVR’ing: Because Heidi is still fierce and the designs of this talented casts are beyond stunning. Not to mention, we enjoy counting how many times Tim Gunn says, “make it work”.



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