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Published on August 14th, 2011 | by thevyne


Boy Besties: Why Every Girl Needs One

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There’s no question that the bond between best girlfriends is priceless. Whether it’s a broken heart over the boy you thought you were going to marry or just needing a shoulder to lean on, there’s virtually nothing that can compete with the love and support of your best girlfriend. There is however, one thing that can certainly complement it and that is…the love and support of a boy bestie. Here are a few reason why every girl needs a boy bestie in her life:

1) Your “Go To” Plus One – Let’s face it. As we get older and more seasoned in our careers, the opportunity to attend events, soirees, etc. that call for a date start popping up like a “wack-a-mole”. You can of course go the “I am woman hear me roar” route and choose to attend solo (perfectly respectable) or you can call up your boy bestie, tell him to pick out his best monkey suit and pick you up at 7pm.

2) Love Life Advice – We always get love life advice from our girls but sometimes having advice from the guy perspective can really be eye opening. Ever wonder why it takes guys so long to call back? Or why it seems like they’re really into you one day and the next day you may as well not exist to them? Ask your boy bestie, he’ll know why because chances are…he’s pulled the same foolishness at least once.

3) Potential Pipeline – Sure you can meet someone online or <gasp> in a club (do people still do that?) but there’s something magical about meeting a person the old fashioned organic way…through someone else. That’s where your boy bestie comes in. Follow me on this one…he’s a boy…he has boy friends….instant access to eligible guys with the added benefit of being able to get the inside scoop on the guy from your boy bestie.

4) Flats Are Acceptable – We’ve already discussed how critical an accessory a pair of flats are when you’re a woman over 30. But let’s face it, most every guy wants to see their woman (heck, any woman for that matter) in a pair of nice heels. But not your boy bestie. He couldn’t care less if you’re in ballet flats with your crop pants or shell toe Adidas and a hoodie. When you’re hanging with him, you can be 100% casual (altogether now, ”aahhhhhhh…..”).

5) Lifting and Fixing – If you’re fortunate enough to live near your boy bestie, they’re fabulous for lifting and removing heavy stuff. Not only that, if they’re particularly handy, give him a screw driver and let him go to town on your living space. Next thing you know you’ll have surround sound coming from a pair of speakers you didn’t realize you owned, that painting you’ve been meaning to hang is now on the wall in the foyer and your three TV remotes are no longer necessary as he’s found a way to program everything but the kitchen sink into one of your remotes.


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2 Responses to Boy Besties: Why Every Girl Needs One

  1. YoungProf says:

    I LOVE my male bestie! He’s the best! He took me on a date for my birthday because I had just stopped seeing someone and I love being spoiled my a man who loves me! It was wonderful!

  2. Maniel says:

    I am a boy bestie to someone and we have a good relationship she does have a boyfriend so sometimes i feel like a 3rd wheel but i dont really care

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