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By Ebony Staton-Weidman of Kyracultivar (Twitter: @kyracultivar )

Lately, I’ve been thinking too hard about what to write.  So much has been happening, saturating every minute of every day, and I promise there have been nuggets of truth and wisdom along the way.  However, wisdom can be so overrated sometimes, ya know?  I mean, so you really want to hear more advice, more perspectives, more voices commenting on the human experience?  I don’t.  Not really.  I mean, I love Oprah.  She is a phenomenon.  But, I was starting to get kind of tired of Oprah, oprahisms, blah blah.  It’s exhausting.

Instead, I want to have fun and be fully in a moment without always reflecting on what it really meant. Or what is symbolized.  My enjoyment is all I want to know. My foothold in a given place or time.  Like, is it ever ok to wake up, chug some coffee, run to the train, sit in meetings and email about a thousand emails without having to actually learn anything?  Lol.  You’re probably starting to worry about me at this point, but don’t.  I’m fully aware and cognitive.  In fact, I will throw some good ole’ seminary education at you and remind you that monks talked about or referred to this all of the time—the mundane.  In other words, there is value in washing the dishes and filing the papers, and sitting down with a glass of wine for not reason at all.  It’s not so you can receive rewards, stand on a soapbox, increase ratings or get drunk.  No goals.  No purpose.  Just life.  Just plain ole’ breathing in and out.

Now, I’m not recommending you take out reflection and meaningful exchanges.  By all means.  Give away your favorite things to millions of people, climb Mt. Everest, work your ass off for a promotion.  But make sure you’re livin’.  Cause we’ve all seen what people look like when they are moving and doing but not living.  And it ain’t cute.  Oh crap, did I just give advice?  Whoops.  Sue me.


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  1. Dionne says:

    Wow! Great perspective on Livin’ and exactly what I needed!!…ummm, I guess I ain’t cute (reality check!) …I’m moving and doing, but don’t feel like I’m living. Feel like I’ve lost myself in work stuff! thanks Ebony!

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