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Step Your Domestic Game Up!

Yes, we are women of the millennium hear us roar… and yes we are taking college, corporate america and pretty much everything else by storm…and yes we run the world (as of Beyonce’s latest hit). But just because we are all of that, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t also make sure our domestic game is up to par. We’re not just talking about the proverbial “bringing home the bacon AND frying it up in the pan.” We’re talking about indulging the domestic goddess in you…the part of you that can “turn a house into a home” and entertain in such an artful way that you ultimately allow your house guests, friends, family to leave your home feeling as though they were treated to an extraordinary oasis of something uniquely special that they could have only experienced because you were the hostess. It’s time to step your domestic game up so how about starting with these tips:

Smell the Roses – They don’t have to be roses, but there’s nothing more striking than strategically placed fresh cut flowers in beautiful containers around your home. Between the color and the fragrance you really just can’t go wrong. We like www.chive.com for their fun and interesting containers.

Judge the Book by its Cover – Remember the experience of being entertained starts with what people see…meaning it’s all in the presentation. We eat first with our eyes, so go the extra mile to garnish your food presentation with an herb that’s in your dish (shout out to Allison!) Add that pop of color to your mimosa by dropping in two red raspberries (shout out to Ebony S.!). Simple but thoughtful touches go a long way.

Don’t Bite Off More Than You Can Chew – If you’re having a small group of friends over, there’s no need to cook up a feast. Instead, choose two to three simple yet sophisticated bites to present. Add some variation to them by having additional accoutrements for your guests to select from like jams if you’re serving a brunch or dipping sauces if you’re hosting a lunch or dinner.

Quench their Thirst in Style – Signature drinks for the event are always a hit. If serving a signature drink that contains alcohol, we suggest including a non-alcoholic version of the same drink as well. Like wise, step your water game up by including flavored sparkling waters like mint or lemon (shout out to Yazzy!). You can even make your own flavored water by slicing your favorite fruit into a beautiful glass pitcher (e.g. watermelon and basil or lemon and orange slices).

You’re Part of the Package – Remember that you make the experience of visiting your home unique so be sure to look the part. Wear an outfit appropriate for the occasion or mood you’re trying to set. Be ready for your guests when they arrive. Its not very “domestic goddess like” to be running around like a headless chicken when your guests arrive. Be pulled together and camera ready. Throw on a stylish apron over your outfit if you’re preparing those last bits of a dish for the sake of ensuring its warmth when serving. If you search “stylish aprons” online you’ll find a variety of fabulous options to choose from.



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