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Published on July 2nd, 2011 | by thevyne


True Girlfriends Will Always…

The other day we started thinking about what elements constitute a “true girlfriend”. That led us to start a list that we’d love for you to add to! Take a read and let us know what things you think “true girlfriends will always…”:

…Tell you when your muffin top is getting out of control. The kind of muffin top that’s not the result of eating too much bread over dinner. She’ll usually do it in a loving way but by the end of the conversation you know, it’s time to get your muffin top back in the tin.

…Tell you when the outfit you picked out looked better on the rack. “It’s not you girl…it’s the way that dress is cut.”

…Eat the food you cook…even if it’s your first time cooking that particular recipe and it looks virtually inedible, your true girlfriend will eat it (or at least taste it) to honor you for the time you put in to make it. She’ll also tell you if it made her dry heave a bit but at least she tasted it.

…Have a glass of wine and a cupcake with you when you’ve just had one of those days. Feel free to substitute cupcake for any other random sweets that you enjoy indulging in with a glass of wine.

…Tell you when that email you fired off at work or the comment you made in that meeting had a little too much “stank” on it. The correction generally comes in the form of a “ooooo girl…you wanna go have some cupcakes and wine?”

…Make you laugh to keep you from crying about that guy who you gave your heart too that’s now M.I.A.

…Share something embarrassing about themselves with you when you’ve had an embarrassing moment so you don’t feel so bad.

…Take your phone call even if it’s been a month of Sundays since you’ve last spoken to one another. Mind you they will most likely snap on you for not calling in such a long time, but once you get past the initial “Uh-huh, um-hum’s” and verbal **side-eyes** you’ll move on to catching up.

…Let you sit and be silent in those times when you’re not ready to talk but just need a shoulder to lean on.

…Go on a diet or the latest detox fad with you, suffer right along side you and promptly quit that diet or detox right along side you so neither of you feels bad for caving in.

…Not say anything when you’re both sitting side by side and neither one of you is holding in your stomach anymore. Cause who cares right?

…Will pick up and ride out with you on an impromptu trip whether it’s local or out of state. Generally because there’s a story behind the need for the trip, which may or may not include a boy in it, so you pick and you go…ask questions later.

…Support you when you’ve made a firm decision for yourself…be it career, life or love…their motto is “you like it, I love it”.




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