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The Doctors Answer: “Why Do Men…”

By Keesha B.

Rarely do I watch The Doctors TV show, but this past week I was futzing around watching TV while waiting on my shuttle and happened to see the title of this week’s episode, “Why do men…” So I thought, perhaps there could be some interesting information on this episode. That led to me DVR’ing the episode, watching it and taking a few notes to share with you. Here’s what The Doctors had to say to a few common questions that women have about men…

Who handles stress better? –  Studies have shown that when men are under stress, there is less functional connectivity between the emotional part of their brain and the social part of their brain, which is why they come off as insensitive during times of stress/pressure/crisis.

Why Are Men So Moody? – Apparently, men have their time of the month too. Who knew? It’s called Irritable Male Syndrome and it’s the result of fluctuating male hormones like testosterone being at different levels in the male body throughout the month.

Why are testicles so sensitive? – No man doubles over more in pain than the man who takes a foot to the family jewels. According to The Doctors, since the testicles descended from the abdomen in the womb, there’s still some connectivity via nerve endings, hence the doubling over in pain. Likewise, the “family jewels” are a valuable part of a man’s body, so the nerves surrounding them are like “negative reinforcement.” It’s like the body’s way of helping a man to remember to keep them protected (I’m paraphrasing on that one).

Why do men sleep with so many women? – Brace yourselves, according to The Doctors, 1 in 2.7 men will cheat and 22% of men among married American men will cheat. What’s interesting though is that of those men who cheated, 92% said it wasn’t about the sex. Apparently some new research shows that a gene, called the drd4 gene, found in men contributes to their tendency towards more reckless behavior than women. Likewise, The Doctors suggested that less confident men are more inclined to cheat. (*side-eye* on the “drd4 gene”)

Why do men stare at and prefer women with large breasts? – Most of The Doctors felt men like any sized breast. But a quick video survey of a handful of men asked to select from a picture which woman they preferred (woman ‘A’ with small breasts or woman ‘B’ with large breasts) revealed the majority of them preferred the woman with larger breasts. What was more interesting were the reasons the men gave for why they chose woman B. Reasons like the bigger breasted woman would be “more fun” and that she’ll attract more attention which men like because they like to be the guy in the room with the hot girl.  (Anyone else giving this the *side-eye*?)

Why do men have a fit when women want to use their razor? – The short answer is this, when a woman uses a man’s razor it makes it dull. A dull razor means a man has to work harder to get a close shave, which usually results in more cuts.

Why don’t men talk? – I was surprised to learn this. There is apparently new research out there from a study of over 400 men and women. In a surprising revelation, the study found that both men and women talk about the same amount every day. A finding that is contrary to previous research. The difference though was that men tended to talk more about technology and sports whereas women tended to talk more about relationships.  So ladies, if you want your man to talk, drum up a conversation on how technology impacts sports…he’s liable to go on for days!


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