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Published on April 2nd, 2011 | by thevyne


March Meltdown: Final Results

So here we are in the final week of March Meltdown. Did we make our goals? Did you? Here’s how we did – make sure you tell us how you did as well!


Its amazing how fast time flies when you’re having fun…or when you’re trying to loose weight publically in a month. With this being the last week, I knew one of two things would have to happen. Either I’d have to go all in to shave off the last few pounds to reach goal or food would start talking to me again in hopes of derailing my momentum. As luck would have it, both things happened, except this time, the food got down right  ugly. Let me explain.

I went all in with the diet this week by way of soup. Soup was my friend. You name the soup I had it. Carrot curry, wild mushroom, roasted tomato…you name it, I had it. They were all vegetarian based so no heavy cream and no hidden calories. All was going well until I made the colossal mistake of purchasing Nutella. I’m convinced its the devil. All of it’s chocolatey, hazelnutty goodness did nothing but taunt me from cabinet every day and well….it was a #fail to avoid it. Granted it’s 5 pts on Weight Watchers for 2 tbsps. But let’s be honest, was I really counting the tablespoons?

At any rate, my goal for March Meltdown was to loose 8lbs. I came close with a total loss of 6lbs and I fully intend to keep going. Here’s hoping you enjoyed reading our stories these past few weeks and that you too came close or reached your goals. Let’s continue to work on being as healthy as we can ladies! In the words of Siddiqu “The Personal Trainer”, “If you want to wear the 2 piece, don’t eat the 3 piece!”


Since this was the final week I wanted to go kind of hard-core. I completely took out bread, sugar, rice and pasta out of my diet and worked out four times. I had gone all week before running into any issues until Friday. I wanted to eat a light lunch and decided to go to Cosi for soup. They were out of the soup I usually get so instead I got their tomato basil soup (thinking, it must be healthy, right?). After I ate it I looked up the nutritional info online and was flabbergasted. The SMALL soup had 36g of fat! Can you believe that? Maybe I would have lost more if I hadn’t had eaten that! At the end of the week I had lost 1.2 pounds, bringing my grand total to 7.6 pounds. Though I didn’t reach my 10 lb goal for the month, I’m going to keep it going until I do. Here are just a few lessons I learned during March Meltdown:
– All food is not created equal. Though I had allotted points per day, meals that were heavier in carbs prevented weight loss more than meals that were heavier in veggies and proteins. Also, whole foods are much better than processed. Hands down.
– Splurging on bad food for a day will not ruin a diet or prevent you from losing weight. If anything I think it shakes up your metabolism a little bit and puts it back into gear.
– Working out + food worked best for me. But in my experience, you can lose without exercise but you can’t lose as much when you’re not dieting with exercise.

So tell us – how did you do?


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