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Published on March 27th, 2011 | by thevyne


March Meltdown: Week 4


Soooooo….yeaaa it’s week 4 and I feel like I’m biting, scratching and clawing to loose a pound. Highlights this week include my new cardio workout plan, also known as “running in heels for public transportation because I’m perpetually late”. While you run the risk falling flat on your hind parts, you do effectively work up a sweat. I noticed this week that my body went into weight loss mode when I only ate protein for breakfast (e.g. egg whites and turkey sausage) and veggies with fish for lunch/dinner. However, when I added in bread (and a helping of that evil chocolate-peanut butter ice cream from Haagen-Dazs) all weight loss was abruptly halted. I hung in there though and managed to loose 0.5lb. Womp womp. Next week, it’s all or nothing folks!


What in the heck happened? I ate less than my allotted Weight Watchers points every day except for one. I ate lots of vegetables, I drank water, heck, I even exercised. But at the end of the week, how much did I lose? Nothing. Nada. Not a darn one pound. What is the deal? The only thing I can deduce is that not all calories are the same. Early in the week I was staying under my daily point allotment but I had a few meals with rice or bread (even though it was whole grain). I think the sushi rolls and tofu veggie stir fry with black rice did me in. And here I thought black rice was a great choice – it’s considered a “super food” with high nutritional value. But this “super food” seemed to sabotage my diet in a super way this week. So in the last week of March Meltdown, I am cutting back on the carbs. I refuse to let rice, pasta, bread, even too much fruit prevent me from melting down!

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3 Responses to March Meltdown: Week 4

  1. Ouida says:

    The New Plan which has more food slows the weight lost. Speaking as one who has been on it forever. I am having same problem lately with new plan.

  2. Kailei says:

    Uggg! I hate to hear that, Ouida! You know, one of my friends is experiencing the same thing as well. She even emailed Weight Watchers to see if she could get access to the old plan.

  3. Siddiqu says:

    The Vyne is motivating the entire world to get Fit 4 Life

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