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Just Look Up

Somewhere between a glass of champagne, handful of truffled popcorn and a plate of bacon wrapped dates, a few girlfriends and me realized a very simple yet profound truth. A truth that most single, “on the go”, professional workingwomen can relate to. The truth being…that we don’t, often enough, take a moment to just look up. Allow me to explain.

When you think about your daily routine upon arriving to work do you often move so fast that you rarely stop to have a non-work related conversation with anyone during the day? Or perhaps, you’re the woman who sits in your office with a look of intense concentration on your face to consciously or unconsciously ward off anyone who may want to have a conversation with you. So much so that people tentatively approach, while apologizing profusely, because they’re afraid of interrupting you. Perhaps you’re the woman who grabs lunch and eats at her desk instead of in whatever common area exists in your workplace. Better still, maybe you’re that woman who walks so fast from building to building, train to train or store to store with an “I’m on a mission” look on your face that ensures no one dare get in your way.

If any of these scenarios even remotely resonate with you, then its time for you to just look up. Look up from your computer screen. Look up from your focused agenda of daily “to-do’s”. Look up from your normal routine. Look up and look around. I gave it a shot one-day and actually noticed that I had more than a few male admirers. Not only that, I met a fabulously sharp woman over coffee one day and turns out we have a great deal common. The point is, how many opportunities have passed you by because you couldn’t be bothered to look up from your routine? How many potential male suitors looked your way but you didn’t see them because you were focused on getting from point A to point B?

So ladies this week, we challenge you to just look up. Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Coffee Break – Have coffee with someone new this week.
  • All the Single Ladies – If you’re single, practice catching and holding a brief gaze with a man who catches your eye during your morning or afternoon commute. Don’t forget to smile.
  • Reconnect – Give a call to a girlfriend who you haven’t spoken to in a while.
  • Something New – Make a list of new things you’ve been wanting to try and make sure you do at least one of them in the next month to break up your routine. (e.g. take a cooking class, take a particular work out class, check out a poetry open mic night, do a wine tasting, etc.)

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  1. Allison Gordon says:

    Great piece!

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