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Published on March 19th, 2011 | by thevyne


March Meltdown Week 3: Ebbing and Flowing


This week was filled with a few ebbs and flows for me. For example, an ebb would be the gelato and pancakes I partook of with a couple good girlfriends of mine (yea, I said it…gelato AND pancakes…in the same week). A flow would be me continuing to try my hand at mastering all the dances on the Dance Central Xbox Kinect game. While I’m not ready for the club (according to the Dance Central game standards) I am still getting in a great workout which resulted in me loosing another pound this week, so I’m halfway to my March Meltdown goal. Next week, I’m going to step up the water intake…and step away from the gelato.


My week included some ebbs and flows as well. I was on the road all week for work.  Monday and Tuesday I was in training for work with catered meals, eating out and the whole nine. On Monday night there was a happy hour at the office full of pizza, BBQ pork sliders, chicken fingers, veggies, cheese and fruit. I opted for veggies, fruit, cheese, topping of a piece of pizza and the insides of a pork sliders. I have no idea how many Weight Watchers points that was, but I felt like I did pretty well despite the circumstances. Tuesday night, however, was a different story. While out with co-workers in Detroit at a gastropub, I just lost it. I’m talking pizza, jalapeño poppers, a couple of drinks, and even a salad to “even it out.” Yeah, it was pretty bad. But somehow with eating pretty sensibly for the rest of the week and working out a couple times, I managed to lose almost 2 pounds! I’m over half way there for my March Meltdown weight loss of 10 pounds and even got into a pair of jeans that haven’t seen the light of day in a year. Feeling pretty good.

So tell us: how was your week 3?


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One Response to March Meltdown Week 3: Ebbing and Flowing

  1. Gigi says:

    It must have been a week of ebbs and flows… I blame the Super Moon.

    I’m not losing a lot, but I’m not gaining either so for me, that’s a win. And since I’ve started a regular workout routine, I’ve started to actually like going to the gym – I’m not a “gym rat” but I don’t have to talk myself into going to the gym any more.

    I’m not in favor of labeling a moment of food indulgence as bad, so I’m only going to say that the Elvis sandwich I had for lunch the other day was yummy, I’m trying to maintain a balance. And when I choose to indulge, not go overboard.

    On a final not, I also got into a pair of jeans that haven’t seen the light of day in at least a year, so thank you ladies for the motivation to get moving.

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