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Published on March 5th, 2011 | by thevyne


Spotlight On: Tracey Wilson

Tracey has such an inspirational story after losing 100 pounds, we just had to share with you during March Meltdown. You can read more about Tracey’s weight loss journey here. You can also vote for Tracey to be on the cover of Fitness Magazine here by March 6, 2011.

Current City: New York City

Roles you play in life: Director of Group Fitness at Plus One Health Management. “All the single ladies, all the single ladies….” that’s me — single. But trying to find that energetic connection with Mr. Right 🙂

Education: B.F.A in Theatre and Art History from Syracuse University

Occupation: Former waitress/bartender and restaurant general manager now I am a personal trainer, group exercise instructor and Director of Group Fitness at the Goldman Sachs site of Plus One

3 words that describe you: Determined, Optimistic, Quirky

Finish this sentence: “To feel more centered I….:  hang out with my mom.”

What words do you live by?: “Do or Do not.  There is no try”

What is your favorite healthy meal? Has to be my Buff Banana-Choco Pancakes, check out my blog (the recipe is on there).  These pancakes taste and look like actual pancakes but have no carbs, no sugar and no fat but full of protein.  Little adjustments and a sprinkle of creativity goes a long way 🙂

What advice would you give someone starting on their weight loss journey? I think I can sum it up by saying only you can decide to change your life.  And yes you can do it!  Take a moment and look in the mirror and try not to view yourself by what you believe other people perceive you to be but view yourself for who you really are and exactly how you would like to be.  Hold onto that image and cultivate it, let it take root in your mind and grow until you can see nothing else of yourself but that image. What you perceive of yourself is what matters and you know you deserve better than what you have allowed yourself for years.  Forget the sensationalized images of supermodels and actresses (cause guess what, if I had a million bazillion dollars to spend on personal chefs, botox, cellulite treatments, 15 hour spa days and such I would look like a eerily smoothed out version of myself also, but let’s be real….), ask yourself what is your own personal ideal and look to what you are letting grow in your mind. Decide to make a complete change in your life and the pieces will fall into place.  This is about you and nobody else, how do you feel and what will make you feel better and happier with yourself? The excuses about time and lack of this and that are really just that, excuses.  I have made all of the excuses I can and just finally realized I am better and stronger than that.  So it’s really about kicking that self-appreciation into high gear and doing something to change your overall body image, confidence and ultimately your life.  And it can be overwhelming with thoughts of where to begin exercise and eating right, but if you need help get it! Do some research on the internet, at your local bookstore, talk to professionals at a gym or talk to people like myself who have been there and know how difficult it can be. It’s way past the time to take the responsibility for your actions, now is the time to just take action.  Take it back to basics, you know that the more ingredients that are added into your everyday eating are recipe for disaster.  Use food as fuel so you can become a well-oiled calorie torching machine and exercise everyday even if it just a walk in the park. No more excuses. Be the person you imagined yourself to be when you were a child, where is that confident, successful beautiful person you imagined? That person is there he or she just needs a little encouragement to come out.

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