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Published on February 27th, 2011 | by thevyne


What to do When You’re Hungry

By Siddiqu “The Personal Trainer”

A common question I get at my health/fitness presentations is, “What should I do when I’m hungry?”  There are currently 345,043,930 obese people in the world and the number of overweight people has overtaken the number of malnourished for the first time, with a billion people considered heavier than advised.  Most people have never even seen a hungry person on TV.  So what you think is hunger is really something else because everyone is overeating!  The real question is “why?”

HABIT: If you are used to taking a lunch everyday at 12 o’clock, you think you are hungry at 12 o’clock.  But have you ever noticed on a non-workday, you are not hungry at the same time as a workday.  Well in reality you are not really hungry at the time that you eat, you’re just used to eating  at a certain time so your brain sends a signal to your body that says, its time to eat.  You have days where you are out of the office or really engrossed in work and you forget to eat and guess what, nothing happens.

Solution: Try to eat a different time a few days a week or even skip lunch or breakfast all together.  You can really gage how hungry you are or really how hungry you are not!

BORED: Sometimes you are just bored and don’t have anything better to do, so you eat.  Eating is something that comforts and is an extremely familiar behavior so you don’t mind doing it whenever, wherever, and with whomever.  You are at home and waiting to go out or waiting for your partner to come, so you eat.  You are running a few errands that don’t take much thinking so your mind wanders and you eat.  You are watching a re-run of Law and Order, so you eat.   Gobble Gobble Gobble!!

Solution: Figure out the pattern, when is your down time and replace your boredom with a task.  If you drive a long way to work and you are bored, instead of snacking in the car, listen to a book on cd.  When at home, go for a short walk when you are about to eat. It will take your mind to another place.

STRESSED OUT: Chronic stress causes the body to release a hormone called Cortisol.  This hormone depletes the body of energy, and in turn the body sends a signal to the brain to find energy.  Food is what gives the body energy. But stress creates a need for that energy fast so here comes the fast foods and most fast foods are high in fats and sugars.  Your boss makes you mad, you go and eat.  Co-worker offends you, you go and eat.  Kids won’t listen, you sneak away to your room and bust open that cookie stash.

Solution: Create a schedule where your mind is stress free at least once a day.  Pick a time during the day where for 30 minutes you don’t think about any of your daily life stresses.  During this time you can meditate or exercise, but do something to clear your mind.  When you overeat that adds an entire new set of stress related problems, because it affects how you eat and how you look.

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