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Published on February 6th, 2011 | by thevyne


“Gal-entines” Day

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and most women either love it, hate it or are immune to it. If you’re in a relationship with someone who actually acknowledges the holiday and enjoys doing something special for you on this day, then you generally ‘love’ Valentine’s Day (as well you should). On the other hand, if you’re not in a relationship or perhaps dating a man who has some personal vendetta against Valentine’s Day and has launched a one man protest against what he calls “the Hallmark holiday” then you pretty much hate this time of year. Okay ‘hate’ is a strong word but you get the point. Sidebar, if I had a dollar for every man who said its a “Hallmark holiday….I believe in doing things for you throughout the year”, I’d be rich! Rich I tell ya’!!  And lastly, if you’ve never had a Valentine on Valentine’s Day then you probably fall into the ‘immune to it’ category as you have successfully found a way to ignore all the tacky red stuff lining the aisles of your favorite drug store.

For those of you in the ‘love’ category, we’re wishing you a fabulous Valentine’s Day and please feel free to come back and post a comment about how you and your boo spent the day. For everyone else, instead of ‘hating’ the day or being ‘immune to it’, let’s rename Valentine’s Day (hey if Diddy can rename things so can we). Consider it, “Galentine’s Day!” Galentines Day is all about hanging with your besties or some group of fun, positive, classy women and acknowledging just how fabulous you all are. Need some ideas for what to do on Galentine’s Day? Here are a few to get you started:

1) Bon Appetit –  Pick your favorite restaurant and make a ressy for you and your group of Galentines. Be sure to dress up and for an extra treat bring a litttle gift for each of your Galentines and exchange over dinner.

2) No Place Like Home – Have each of your Galentines make their signature dish and bring over to your house for a potluck. Be sure to make a signature cocktail for the evening and make your place festive with red decor. Don’t forget the music too…should be lots of “Single Ladies”, “Hate On Me”, “Pretty Girl Rock” type of songs. It will get everyone pumped up and feeling good.

3) Take in the Arts – Pick a play or dance performance happening at your local theatre. I just recently saw the play “Race” which was good and Alvin Ailey this time of year is always fabulous. Invite your Galentines out for a night of culture on the town.

4) Spa-aahhhhh – What better occasion than Galentine’s Day to hit up your favorite spa with your besties? There are generally lots of “couples” packages so you can either take advantage of those or put together your own package. Afterwards, pick a casual dinning place with light, healthy food and just relax and catch up with your girls.

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3 Responses to “Gal-entines” Day

  1. Cheryl says:

    I love the Galentine’s idea! I say, go for it!! After all, “girls just want to have fun!!”

  2. Kenya says:

    One of my most memorable Valentine’s was when I visited an old folks home with a group from my law school. We brought flowers, candies and cards for the residents. They absolutely loved it and so did we. As a little girl in a family of strong women we always gave and received candy and cards to tell us that we were special, even though there were no men in sight!!! Now with a house full of boys, I keep that same tradition going as we share Valentine cookies and special thoughts with each other!!! No doubt the hubby and I have our special moments, but Valentine’s is so much bigger than that. It is a day to celebrate LOVE!!! What could be better than that. Realize that on LOVE day it’s not about who you share that love with – what really matters is that you open your heart and share!!!

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