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Waist Money!

By Akissi Y. Stokes

Eat healthier, increase income, exercise more and save, save, save! Do any of these New Year’s Resolutions sound familiar?
If so, you’re in luck! Your friends here at The Vyne want to share some of our favorite tips to help you grow your savings while shrinking your waistline in 2011.
Food Déjà vu: We know food prices are on the rise, but are you also contributing to the increase in your grocery bill? Do you shop for items already in your pantry or allow perishables from Christmas past to ferment in your fridge?
• Think about what food items you [and your family] eat, how much and how often.
• Set aside dedicated time to prepare a grocery list.
• Compare your grocery list to items already on hand in your pantry and fridge.
• Eliminate duplicate items. (If you didn’t eat it before, you probably wont’ this time either)
• Eat a hearty, satisfying meal before you shop to control splurg spending.
• Take advantage of online coupons for some great deals on websites such as,, or your favorite grocer’s website.
• Co-op coupons with friends or peruse the weekly grocer’s advertised specials and don’t be afraid of store brand products.
• When you shop, stick to your list.

Take Out Time Out: Many women underestimate the power of the packed lunch until they discover they can easily save up to $100 or more. Try it! What do you have to lose…except maybe a couple of extra pounds.

• Week 1 – Track and record your weight, plus EVERY, yes EVERY, work-related eating expenses such as vended items, take out or dine-in lunches, client meetings, co-worker cocktails, etc.
• Week 2 – Use ONLY half of the Week 1 total to purchase groceries for Week 2.
o Try to limit work-related eating out expenses during Week 2.
o Create a grocery list to control expenses and splurg spending.
o Purchase healthy snacks and lunch items that you enjoy.
o Store grocery purchases at your job – perishables in the office refrigerator; non-perishables in a dedicated desk drawer for easy access to quick snacks.
o Store utensils, favorite condiments and plate ware as well.
o Record your expenses and weight for Week 2.
o Compare the expenses and weight week over week.

If you stuck with the plan, hopefully you noticed a reduction not only in expenses, but your waistline too. Imagine the savings if you made this practice a habit everyday, a couple of times each week or each month?

Got Wii: If not, forego a couple of cute shoes and invest in yourself – purchase one or co-op with a friend. Create a mini-gym in your garage or that guest room you’re using for extra storage. Unless you are an avid gym rat, get outside and get some fresh air and stop what – waisting money!
Here are some easy, economical ideas to get you moving:
• Take a hike, walk, run, jump, anything for at least 30 minutes a day, 3 times a week.
• Purchase an mp3 player or cd-player, plus headphones to groove with while you sweat.
• Purchase an exercise starter kit at your local Sears or Target – a medicine ball, 2 5-10 lb. weights, a jump rope and a yoga mat. That’s all you need to get started….really!
• If you have a gaming console (Wii, PS or XBOX) co-op exercise games with friends, host a “baby phat” party & workout with your girls, or download games from popular sites such as, or
• For non-gamers –, workout, and (search for workout routines) are great, free sites to access for full work-out routines.
• Check-out work-out DVDs from your local library.
• Explore new activities with your BFFs – pole dancing, belly dancing, hot yoga, Salsa, Zuumba or just dance around in your living room.

Whatever you choose, make it a fun activity. Change your activity or routine from time to time to keep it fresh and exciting. Just get moving!

Remember, those 5 or 10 extra pounds or credit card balances didn’t just happen overnight. They represent months or years of secret snacking and therapeutic spending. So take control and pace yourself on the road to freedom. Before you know it, you’ll welcome 2012 with toned arms and a balanced budget.

New habits breed new results.

We hope to see less of you at the finish line!


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  1. Cheryl says:

    Excellent ideas and thanks for the resources.

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