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Ideas for a Girls Night Out or In

By M. Wortham

“Sister Circle Activate!”  This is the familiar call heard among my circle of girlfriends when one of us need some time with our “sister girls” for whatever reason. And like the superheroes we are, we drop everything and come running.  Be it good news or bad, a birthday, a break up or on the brink of a break down, new love, hot gossip or simply a need to share good food drinks and a laugh, the time spent with our girls gives us that needed time away from stressful jobs, spouses, kids and everyday responsibilities that can make us crazy. This shared time also allows us an opportunity to rejuvenate our souls, let our hair down and strengthen the bonds of sisterhood.  We have strict rules for this time together, some of which include: NO beaus, “boos” or babies allowed, be prepared to come as you are, and have lots of fun.

Some ideas for a great girl’s night out or in include:

*  Host a beauty night – Aside from giving each other pedicures and manicures, have everyone bring one of their favorite beauty products and allow everyone the opportunity to try that product out.

*  Take a day trip or trip to another city – Visit a local college town, or save up and take a weekend girls trip to a hot city like Vegas, New York, Atlanta or Chicago.

*  Take dance lessons – Hire a pole dance, Zumba or salsa dance instructor to come to your home, or find a local facility that offers these classes.

*  Hotel slumber party – Have everyone pitch in on a hotel room. Bring snacks, music and games and stay up all night laughing like you were 13 again.

*  Wine tasting – Check out a wine tasting at a local winery.

*  Movie marathon – Rent a full series of a show like Sex and the City and indulge in favorite movie snacks.

Go for a “night out on the Town” – Dress up, rent a limo, have dinner and go dancing. You’ll feel like  true Divas!


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