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Packing Musts: Lovely and Oh So Necessary Things

By Allison Brooke Gordon

One of the things I enjoy about travelling is the anticipation. What shall I do, see, eat and wear?
And most importantly, what will make my trip most comfortable. I like to travel lightly with one carry-on and handbag, so here are five unfussy musts that go in them:Moleskine, City Notebook
Noted as a legendary must for Hemingway, Picasso and Chatwin – I understand why. It is a perfect place to jot down information, ideas and recollections of any trip. This compact notebook includes a city and zone map, among other helpful details.

Dream Water, Lullaby Lemon
This 2.5 FL oz 0-calorie relaxation drink fit perfectly in my TSA allowed “liquids” bag. It very gently encourages sleep, which is  helpful in a new and unfamiliar overnight stay or can help battle jetlag insomnia. It’s the perfect petite size that leaves me room to pack my favorite perfume.

Lavender Essential Oil, L’Occitane

A dab to the wrists, temple and earlobes can transport you to a lavender field in Provence even though you’re really one hour in of a six-hour flight on a crowded plane. An absolute essential that’s also TSA friendly.

SweetSpot, On-the-go Wipettes
Speaking of that 6-hour flight, my carry-on must include these discreet and prettily packaged wipes. A perfect toiletry to have on hand to freshen up during a long day of traipsing about the town. Lavender geranium is my favorite scent of the collection.

Saline Nasal Spray
Having to leave my neti pot at home, the next best portable solution to keep me allergy-free was this pocket size nasal spray. Though not as lovely sounding as my other accoutrements, it helps do the trick with the influx of airplane pillows, blankets, hotel bedspreads and coughing passersby at the museum.

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