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Published on December 11th, 2010 | by thevyne


Getting to Happy or At Least OK

Photo Courtesy of Michelle Witcher

by M. Wortham

Let’s face it, LIFE can really suck sometimes.  Whether you’re young, old, beautiful, poor, rich and famous or ordinary people, no one is immune to life’s little “hiccups”.  Things such as an illness, death, divorce, job loss, heartache and pain manage to creep into our everyday lives at some point.  And it’s when we are facing these things that we have to make the decision of whether we are going to bury our head and wallow in self pity or go through the process and cry, scream, grieve or etc. to deal with the hurt feelings and move on.  The problems lie in our deciding to stay in “it” and try and mask the bad experience with drinking, shopping, sex, drugs, food or physical abuse, which usually end in self destruction. Years can pass with you “going through the motions” and living in a funk.  The following techniques are things that can help you get past the hurt:
–  Acknowledge the pain. Scream out loud, cry or talk about it with someone.
–  Seek therapy and/or form a strong and positive support system where you can freely discuss the hurt you’re feeling. (girlfriends, family, church members or a support group)
–  Each day get out of bed, and get fully dressed. (staying in bed only zaps your energy)
–  Do something active and constructive.  Go for a walk, participate in an activity you like, take a class or etc.
–  Take time out to laugh each day.
–  Volunteer your time or do something for someone else, you’d be surprised how much better that can make you feel.
–  Pray.
–  Tell yourself that you will be OK and believe it.
If you participate in at least 3-4 of these techniques regularly, you will find your way back from a setback much easier, you’ll be better equipped to deal with the next “curve ball” life throws your way and you’ll once again know that you can be happy again, or at least OK.


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2 Responses to Getting to Happy or At Least OK

  1. Kaeisha says:

    I totally agree with the get dressed suggestion. I put heels on when I sense a bad day…and it always makes it great.

  2. Cyn says:

    I can be happy, or at least OK.

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