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Published on October 16th, 2010 | by thevyne


How to Get the Perfect Cut

Thinking about cutting your hair? Whether you look to trim your tresses or put them on the chopping block, it’s usually a decision not taken lightly. Below are some tips to help you get that perfect cut including things to consider before you go to your stylist appointment.

1. Bring in some photos for inspiration. Let’s face it, some stylists are good enough to know what you’ll like even before you do, but others, well….not so much. The best thing to do is bring some photos of styles you like to give them an idea of what you are looking for.

2. Know what works for you. Contrary to popular belief, more people can rock short hair than may think. However, not every cut looks good for everybody.
Have a round face? Try layers that fall below the chin.
Have a square shaped face? Try textured looks with curly long looks or spiky short looks.
Have an oval shaped face? You’re in luck – almost any ‘do will do for you! Try a blunt cut or a short Halle ‘do.
Have a long face? Try a medium-length layered look that adds volume.

3. Think about your hair thickness and texture before you get it cut. Do you want to take some of the weight out of your hair? Try layers or bangs. Want to give it more volume to thin or fine hair? Add extensions or go for a bob-length cut.

4. Make sure your stylist is capable of doing the cut justice. Many of us have our “go-to” stylist that we are loyal to. But, if that stylist’s clientele has long hair and you’re trying to get an edgy cut, you may be disappointed. It’s okay to put your loyalty aside. Pay attention to people you see around and about. If you see someone who has a style or cut you like, ask them who their stylist is and go in for a consultation.

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