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Published on September 18th, 2010 | by thevyne


Style Yourself Fabulous!

Photo Courtesy of Wayne Tippetts (Streetstyle Aesthetic)

If you think that you weren’t born with the”Rachel Zoe” or”Marian Kihogo” gene (pictured here) or if finding stylish clothing to fit your shape and personality is near impossible then this article is for you. Styling yourself appropriately can mean the difference between a great first impression or a lasting bad impression. It can sometimes even make or break getting the job you want. So we’ve compiled a few style tips that we’ve picked up over the years that are easy to remember and implement. These tips are sure to help bring out your inner stylista:

Tip #1: Want to rock this season’s hottest fashions without breaking the bank? Instead of investing in expensive clothing items that may not last more than one season, match the season’s latest accessory trends with a classic. For instance, this season pair a plain black dress with colorful suede pumps or a chain necklace.

Tip #2: Though the monochromatic look does work at times, adding a pop of color is a sure way to make a statement with any ensemble. Adding a turquoise necklace to a gray dress, red shoes to an all-black outfit or a colorful belt to a white button down shirt and jeans will make people take notice (and in a good way).

Tip #3: Jackets can be a wardrobe life saver. If you are especially endowed in the bust area or are a plus sized woman, try adding well-cut, structured jackets to your outfits. A well-cut and structured jacket helps to cinch you in much like a nice belt. They can help draw attention away from your trouble zones and towards the other areas of your body or they can simply be the statement piece around which the rest of your outfit is built.

Tip #4: The fit factor is ultra important. If you put on an item of clothing and it tugs, pulls, buckles or feels tight in any area that it shouldn’t then that’s your cue to do one of two things, either go up a size or don’t wear it. Some styles, no matter what size, just won’t fit well on your body and that’s okay. Just try on other shapes until you can isolate which one goes with your body the best, then look for that same shape in other styles, colors, etc.

Tip #5: It’s all about visual interest. When you go to pick out any article of clothing, look for the visual interest. The visual interest is some detail about that garment that makes it special and interesting to look at. For example, it could be really pretty buttons on an otherwise boring button down shirt, or a uniquely cut collar or perhaps even a bit of ruffle detail like this Rebecca Taylor blazer.

Do you have a keen eye for styling yourself? If so, share your stylist tips here.

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