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Published on September 11th, 2010 | by thevyne


The "Sweet Spot"?

There’s nothing like being out in New York City on a holiday weekend with your girls at a swanky spot. Such was the case last Labor Day weekend when we had drinks at Ink48 with our girl Danielle and a few other friends. The fancy (and might I add expensive) drinks were flowing and so was the conversation. At some point Danielle remembered an article she came across in GQ about “The Sweet Spot”. Here’s an excerpt:

Somewhere between puberty and Cialis is that perfect moment in a single man’s life when he can date the broadest age group, when he can [date] 23-year-olds—and their mothers—without being called a creep. …[The] Sweet Spot, when suddenly you find yourself free to date anyone from recent college graduates to near re-tirees. It begins sometime after your thirty-fifth birthday, though the precise moment is impossible to identify. Suddenly, the pool of available women you can feasibly [date] expands to include everyone—and her mother.

Naturally, this spurred a larger conversation which prompted us to ask the question, is there a “sweet spot” for women? Last we checked, when women reach their “sweet spot” (according to this definition) they’re considered pumas (30’s) or cougars (40+). On the surface, there’s nothing sweet about a prowling, predatory animal but perhaps on second look, maybe “puma” is in fact our sweet spot. If that’s true, then turning 35 should mean that the dating world opens up to us, technically making it possible to date a wider range of guys (and their fathers…so to speak). So what do you think Vyne Readers…is anyone actually experiencing the female version of the “sweet spot”? If so, tell us about it!

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