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Published on April 22nd, 2010 | by thevyne


It’s Easy To Be Green!

So you’re not the tree hugging, granola eating, hippie kind of woman. No worries! You too can still “go green”, or at least “light green” in honor of Earth Day. Here are a few quick ways to get down with the green movement:

1) Switch Out Your Bulbs – This is a quick one. These compact fluorescent light bulbs use 75% less energy than typical incandescent bulbs.

2) Use Reusable Ecofriendly Shopping Bags – Using resuable ecofriendly bags cuts down on the need for stores to manufacture paper and plastic bags. I keep a couple in my car just in case I stop by the grocery store unexpectedly.

3) Buy A Water Filter Pitcher – I made the committment not long ago that I would no longer buy bottled water for my home. Instead I use a Brita water pitcher. Big step for me, small step for man kind.

4) Unplug/Turn Off – We all do it. We yank our cell phones off their charger plugs and leave the plug in the wall. Or go from room to room leaving the lights on. No need to raise your hand and confess…just try to be more cognoscente because this is a quick way to conserve energy and save your money!

5) Swap Your Products – Believe it or not, the green cleaning products available in stores are just as effective and way less toxic to you and the environment. A few that we like are Seventh Generation, Method and Green Works by Clorox.

Do you have other quick and easy ways to go green? Share them with us!

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