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Published on April 17th, 2010 | by thevyne


The Vyne Movie Review: TP’s “Why Did I Get Married Too?”

By Keesha Boyd

It never fails. Every time someone tells me how great a movie is going to be I go into it with a whole lot of expectations. Sometimes those expectations are met or exceeded and other times…well…not so much. In this case, I have to say while I didn’t hate it…I wasn’t really loving it either. I’ll give credit to the cast, particularly Janet Jackson and Jill Scott for really stepping up the dramatic acting this time around. I’ll also give credit to whoever was responsible for the cinematography as it was noticeably colorful and well shot. Where I struggled with this film was with the “over the top” antics of Tasha Smith’s character, the “out of the blue” craziness of Janet’s character (a la gay man jumping out of a cake), the death of “you know who” (I won’t spoil it for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet) and finally, the ending with Janet’s character. It was just too much…or as me and my line sisters like to say “it was extra!” I don’t knock Tyler Perry’s hustle and there are several of his movies that I rather enjoyed. Strangely enough it seems like I enjoy every third movie of his…at this rate, I’m on track to reeeeaaallly like the next one! What do you think Vyne readers? Am I going too hard on TP? Tell us what you thought of the film.

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0 Responses to The Vyne Movie Review: TP’s “Why Did I Get Married Too?”

  1. Natalie Eades says:

    Well Keesha, I must say that your critique of WDIGM2 was rather enlightening. I saw the movie the the day it premiered because I just loved the first installation of this movie. In fact, everyone in my household loved that movie. So, going to see the Part 2 was exciting to me. Yet, as you have stated, it did leave me rather unfulfilled. While I loved seeing the old characters and their crazy personalities, I was left at the end, doing the Scooby Doo, “hurh?” It left me and my husband wondering if there will be a third part to this story, why certain characters had to be, as you appropriately put it, “extra,” and what were the obvious messages TP was trying to deliver to us as his audience. Thanks for your insightful critique Keesh!

  2. JaSaun says:

    I agree with everything Keesha wrote as well. I saw the first part reluctantly on a first date with my boyfriend. We had a lively discussion on the way home about my opinions on TP films; which are marketed and distributed with great strategy and thought. However, the writing is often very weak and I refuse to accept that mass audiences and audiences of color can not understand stories that have depth beyond the surface of one dimensional characters and the superficial side of their issues and conflicts.
    My boyfriend and I celebrated the anniversary of our first date by seeing part two. The lack of resolution in WDIGM Too left me very unsatisfied. Not one of the characters actually overcame the obstacles introduced in this film. Everything was wrapped up at the end, sort-of, with a sweeping message that life is too short to argue. Yet, Tasha and Marcus are still arguing. Tasha’s drinking problem was eloquently presented in a PSA type of dialogue from Jill Scott’s character, Sheila, but the message felt like it was for the audience in the theater instead of Tasha because she never acknowledged what was said nor did she respond to it or change her behavior. We don’t know what was at the core of Janet’s relationship issues and I have a problem with the pacifier ending that a year later (spoiler alert) everything is ok once a handsome man comes in to your life. That part of the story was a bad quick fix slanted by male perspective.
    This film could have offered a complete story and still left the book open for another sequel. But again, Tyler Perry produces films his own way and until his appetite for better stories develops the rest of us will continue to support him while suffering at the same time.


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