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Published on April 9th, 2010 | by thevyne


Take Back Your Life!

Work life balance. You’ve heard of it. You know what it means. But does anyone really have it? I recently had appetizers with my line sister, a neurosurgeon and avid Vyne reader. We talked about how easy it is to get wrapped up in work leaving considerably less time for the “life” side of work/life balance. Not to mention, if you’re a single, successful woman, the “life” side of the equation often includes your dating life, quality time with your friends/family and general peace of mind. 

Work/life balance is more than just a notion. The lack of balance could mean unnecessary strain on what were once quality, reliable friendships. It could also mean added stress to a current relationship or the inability to find and explore new relationships due to being tired, agitated from work or busy with work obligations. If that’s not reason enough to get a hold of work/life balance in your life, then how about the fact that work stress can cause irregular sleep patterns, high blood pressure, issues with your immune system, unsightly problems with your skin and <gasp>…the dreaded belly weight gain. 

That said, for all of you successful, educated, multi-tasking power women out there…it’s time to make work/life balance a reality for you. Here are a few tips to get you started. 

  1. Calendar Commando – Your Microsoft Outlook calendar at work can often be the co-conspirator of poor work/life balance. Every Friday if you can (or at least once a week) block time on your calendar from 3:30-5:00pm. Use the first 30 minutes of that time to plan your “to-do” list for the next work day and then leave work by 4:00pm. You’d be surprised how leaving an hour early can help you get a restful start to the next day.
  2. Buddy System – Decide on an activity you like to do and recruit one of your friends to sign up for the activity too. This will ensure you have quality time with a friend and a standing appointment AWAY from work.
  3. Mini-cation – Once a quarter (every three months or so) take an extended weekend, Thursday through Sunday. Use the time to rest, relax, take yourself on a date or pamper yourself at a spa.
  4. Dateless No More – If you’re single and want to amp up the “life” side of your work/life balance equation with dating, try letting your girl AND guy friends know that you’re open to being set up. Watch how the random date suggestions start rolling in! So they may not all be prince charming, but the idea is to increase the dating activity so that you can increase your odds of finding your Mr. Right.
  5. Set Goals – Set a couple “life” goals for yourself each month and hold yourself accountable to achieving them. They can be simple goals, for example: Get back in touch with my good girlfriends (shout-out to my girls Natalie and Gina!!), plan a date night for yourself or pick a new hobby and start it this month.

 Have more to add? Share your tips by posting a comment below!

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  1. Kate DuBois says:

    Calendar Commando? That is good! You’ll love this – my mastermind group decided at our annual planning meeting that it was time I found time to meet Mr. Right, so added him to my annual goal list for 3Q.

    If you want 10 more tips on how to be happy at work again and another great work/life balance blog to read, check out Denice Kronau. She’s a CEO who burned out, quit, regrouped, and came back stronger than ever.

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