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Published on February 26th, 2010 | by thevyne


The Man In Your Life: “Big” vs. “Aidan”

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Brunch with the ladies never ceases to disappoint. Amid the backdrop of Manhattan city life on a Saturday afternoon, Kailei (of The Vyne) played hostess with the “most-est” to several of us who gathered at her place for food, fun, conversation and fantastic homemade sangria. At some point, after catching up on our careers, random daily happenings and current pop culture hot topics (a la the Tiger Woods apology) the conversation turned to men. Specifically, as we popped bacon wrapped dates in our mouths (so yum), we began talking about who were the “Big(s)” and “Aidan(s)” in our lives. If you’re a fan of Sex and the City then you know exactly where this is going. What’s funny is that we all had at least one story to share about the “Big” in our life. You know, the man you have effortless chemistry with who swept you off your feet, drove you nuts, loved you, left you or wouldn’t leave you alone? Likewise, it was equally easy for us to recall the “Aidan” in our lives. That man who was average to handsome looking, super nice, cared for you, and treated you like the apple of his eye but the chemistry was nothing to write home about. Probably the most ironic observation was the fact that everyone spoke of their “Big” in the past tense. Which had me thinking, does anyone other than Carrie end up with their “Big”? Clearly the “Big” in our lives served some sort of purpose. But perhaps, as we get more comfortable with who we are as women and what we want and need in a relationship, the allure of a “Big” pales in comparison to the stability and reliability of an “Aidan”, or does it?

Tell us what you think Vyne readers!

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