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Published on January 7th, 2010 | by thevyne


The Media: Our New Security Breach?

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Only a couple short days ago, our President emerged from his situation room to let us all in on what happened the day of the failed bombing attempt on a Detroit bound flight this past holiday. Since then, and even prior to President Obama’s press conference, the media has been having a field day trying to shine the light on airport security flaws. Everything from drug sniffing dogs not passing their tests to unidentified “passengers” entering through the exit doors and cameras that fail to record have graced the media headlines, morning, noon and night. While we can appreciate the media’s attempt to keep us all informed, at what point does their “expose” style of reporting endanger our security? If some nut case wanted to penetrate our transportation system, they need only watch the news for ideas on how to do so. As frequently travelers for business and leisure, the amount of openness that our media has on this subject matter is quite unsettling to us. 

Let us know what you think Vyne Readers.  Is the media our new security breach or are they helping to fix the problem?

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  1. Belinda says:

    Praise God for all that he is doing, all that he does, and all that he will do.
    In response to your question regarding the media being a threat to our security.
    My feelings are, that they can only be a threat if we allow them to be meaning, that if the media is permitted to learn of these things, then they are doing what they are suppose to do.
    It is indeed, a wonderful place to be in having such access to the President and knowing that he is human and reachable but, with this type of openness, we need to remember that this information does not only go out to well wishers and that we need to guard against those who wish us ill will.
    If the media wants to report on security matters, that is their right because through their reporting it is letting us know that all, is not doing their jobs and that their agenda is different from what it should be.
    The media focus is on Homeland Security for being too lax, in their jobs.

    These breaches in security are attitudes that differ from the securing of our country being the main objective.

    In my opinon, only the best of the best, should be overseeing our security and anyone that does not have the same objective, needs to be let go.
    With all that being said, the media needs to continue keeping us updated on the lackadaisical attitudes of our Protectors so that their weaknesses in security is revealed and the pressure is increased for them to take their positions seriously, making them strive harder to provide the best service to this country that they can.

    Be Blessed,

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