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Published on December 9th, 2009 | by thevyne


The Vyne Reader Spotlight: Rakia Reynolds

Rakia Reynolds of Skai Blue Media

This week’s Vyne Weekly Reader Spotlight is Rakia Reynolds. Besides being our producer extraordinaire and one of the most fashionable people we know, Rakia is a talented woman on the move! Get to know her below:

Name: Rakia Reynolds

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Roles you play in life: I am a wife, mother of 2 (soon to be 3), daughter, oldest sister of 3 girls; President of Philadelphia Women in Film & Television; Secretary of the Philadelphia chapter of NAMIC; Director of Public Relations at Skai Blue Media; Business Consultant to some of the cities most thriving businesses; Fashion Ambassador of GPTMC, Greater Philadelphia Tourism and Marketing Corporation/ Philly 360 campaign.

Hobbies: This is always a funny question to me :o) I don’t really have hobbies anymore. My life is consumed with work and family. When I am not working, I am playing mommy and wife to my family. There are brief moments that I would consider my hobbies to be finding great vintage finds, SHOPPING, and styling!

Education: I graduated with a degree in Marketing and International Business from the Fox School of Business and Management at Temple University.

What is the last movie you saw?: I just TRIED the 3D experience of A Christmas Carol with my children… When one of the ghosts who visited Ebenezer Scrooge jaw fell off while he was talking, my husband and I quickly grabbed our children and decided that a park outing would be more appropriate.

What is your favorite TV show?: Since I rarely have time to watch TV, my only options are Sunday evenings. I’m embarrassed to say that I am currently into Desperate Housewives, DESPITE their lack of brown woman representation on the show 🙁

Shuffle your iPod – what’s the first song that comes up?: SUNSHOWER, by Dr. Buzzard and The Original Savannah Band

What is your favorite travel destination?: In a perfect world, I’d say Paris or The Virgin Islands, but for now, I’ll say Miami because IT IS NY on water

What beauty product can’t you live without?: I most certainly without a doubt cannot live without my concealer and mascara

Finish this sentence, “To feel more centered I…”: usually resort to retail therapy OR more often call my daddyJ

Who is your celebrity fashion inspiration?: I am not really inspired by any current celebs fashion except for Mrs. Obama’s undeniable and detailed look, but I have always been intrigued with the wardrobes of Cyndi Lauper & Madonna,

What is your favorite restaurant?: As a foodie, I have no favorites. However I adore Canoe in Atlanta, Gotham in NYC, Touch in Miami, and Olivier’s in New Orleans

What words do you live by?: No weapon formed against me shall prosper

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  1. It thought it was quite coincidence that Rakia and thevyne has a strong link. Rakia is made from the fruit of the grapevine. I know I have a site about called therakiasite. Just thought I’d mention it regardless of no particular interest in the person called Rakia.

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