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Published on November 5th, 2009 | by thevyne


10 Signs You’re Officially in Your Flirty Thirties

Flirty 30It seems like forever ago when we were first eligible to check the 25-35 age box. After we threw our “flirty thirty” birthday party in New York, I remember us thinking we didn’t feel any different now that we were “older.” But ever since turning the big 3-3 we came to the realization that several elements about life change once you hit your flirty thirties:

1. A Night In with the Girls Beats a Sweaty Club Any Day – In the twenties it was all about the sweat box club. But in the flirty thirties, there’s something about chatting it up with your girls over a good bottle of wine, home cooked cuisine and your comfy clothes that you just can’t beat.

2. Ability to Fake Anything Declines Dramatically– This goes for enduring the annoying co-worker or incompetent boss to the friend you’ve just frankly outgrown or man you’re not really feeling.

3. PMS Kicks in Like Jackie Chan – Who knew the thirties brought with it a rush of unnecessary hormones in the form of three to four days worth of downright agitation, crankiness or crying for no apparent reason?

4. Feeling Your Independent Streak – The thirties seem to invigorate your desire for independence. You may find yourself traveling for vacation solo or moving to a new place without the safety net of friends and family.

5. Desire to Try New Things – Whether you’ve actually gone through with it or not, there’s no denying that there’s an urge to try things you’ve never done before in your thirties. So far our list includes joining a rowing team, running a half marathon, taking up bikram yoga and doing the master cleanse. Thirty

6. Random New Aches and Pains – When you were in your twenties it was nothing to break out in a sprint up a flight of stairs. In your thirties….not so much. Of course staying in shape has a lot to do with this but if you’ve ever had a knee randomly give out on you while walking or heard your bones crack while performing routine tasks then you know what we mean.

7. Opting for Flats Instead of Heels – There’s something about wearing cheap heels in your twenties that does a number on your feet by the time you hit 30. We still love our heels but nowadays there’s usually a pair of cute flats stuffed in a bag close by.

8. Knowing When to Say When – It’s no coincidence that your thirties is characterized by bold moves whether in your career or your personal life. There’s something about this period that makes you feel more inclined to be decisive about when to put a period to a situation, change course and feel good about moving on.

9. Sleep is a Necessity, Not Optional – Once upon a time four hours of sleep and a shot of “no doze” or a strong cup of Quick Trip coffee was all we needed to get through the day. Such is soooo not the case anymore. Siesta anyone?

10. Coming Into Your Own – If the twenties are about transition then the thirties are truly a time of coming into your own. Understanding yourself as a woman and feeling grounded in who you are is a sure sign that you’re officially in your flirty thirties. Do you have other signs to add to this list? Post a comment to let us know.

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  1. Karen L. Brown says:

    Wow! I cannot agree with you more on that entire list! I do feel the aches and pains more, even though I am a die hard athletic type. My girlfriends and I will do dinner over a sweaty club any day. After a bottle or two of wine, nobody wants to hit the scene anyway. I must admit #2 is my absolute favorite! I could play the smiley, happy go lucky role to most people no matter what they were like (negative attitudes, incompetent bosses) in my younger years…nowadays I can’t tolerate the madness. I would rather just walk away vice grin and bear it!

  2. Brett Boyd says:

    I remember when i turned 30 6years ago and i remember feeling the same….Heck i still feel the same except when i get up in the morning i have to sit on the side of the bed for a second and i moan and groan for a minute( i think it’s because i don’t wanna go to work) but all in all i feel great!!!……even though sometimes i feel like Danny Glover in Lethal Weapon …..”I’m gettin to old for this S@#$!

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