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Published on September 30th, 2009 | by thevyne


Black Women and Interracial Dating/Marriage: Necessity or Choice?

untitled237888Article after article has continued to explore the increasing numbers of black women who remain unmarried. The reasons for the dwindling statistics range from choice to self-professed “pickiness.” Perhaps the most controversial reason is the notion that there are not enough eligible, “good on paper,” quality black men. However debatable that notion is, the result is what appears to be the resurgence of conversation amongst circles of black women about opening their dating experiences, and ultimately their marriage options, to men of different races. If the sports industry is any reflection, one can infer that black men clearly have let go of any hang-ups they have about opening their dating experiences to women of different races. So why shouldn’t black women do the same? The question is, are black women opening their dating experiences to men of other races out of necessity (lack of good, quality black men) or choice (conscious decision to be open)? Ladies, we want to hear from you. Let us know what you think…necessity or choice?

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4 Responses to Black Women and Interracial Dating/Marriage: Necessity or Choice?

  1. thevyne says:

    My husband is white and he just happened to be the person I fell in love with. I am sure being open to it helped, but I believe God puts people in your life for a reason.

  2. wkrp says:

    my issue was a little of both: necessity and choice.

    i found that too many black men were intimidated by my professional success or they expected me to be “taken care of” by them. the fact that i didn’t have 2 or 3 three children and bad credit seemed to be a turn off to the black men i dated before i met my white husband.

    it was refreshing to find a man who appreciated my intelligence and success and didn’t have the hangups about gender roles that some black men seem to.

    being open helped “diversify” my dating experience. it wasn’t just black and white. i met many great hispanic and asian men as well.

  3. Call me a rascist says:

    Unfortunately, interracial dating does not appeal to me, and I’m sorry so many intelligent, strong sisters don’t feel the same way. As an African/American male, I feel that my natural counterpart in the world is a black woman, and I try to love, respect and show them how I feel.
    Countless internet stories seem to encourage black women to date white men, but i cannot help but feel many good brothers are being overlooked, and I think many sisters are fooling themselves. It’s not about skin color its about charaacter and love. I feel fortunate that I have found these items with black women.

  4. trudat says:

    I sorta agree with call me racist. I am a black woman and i believe every one has the right to marry who they want but its not ok to overlook people of your own race b/c the first ten didnt look at you but the first white dude did. if its love fine, but if not look there are many men out there in your own race who we overlook and dont give a chance due to stereotypes. io think our biggest obstacle is learning that black love is different from other racial love, when you look at interracial couples, there is a certain bond that exists between same race marraige that is usually not present there…its not love and im not saying interracials dont work but there is something missing that cant be explained.

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