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Published on June 1st, 2009 | by thevyne


Keep it Beautiful, BET

My Black is BeautifulIf you have not seen it yet, BET has a new show as a partnership with Procter & Gamble called “My Black is Beautiful,” under the same name as a site P&G launched to celebrate the “beauty of every African-American woman.”  Hosted by actress Tasha Smith, the show covers topics related to black women’s beauty including Michelle Obama’s influence on black beauty, colors to complement black women’s skin tones, hair trends, positive body image and self esteem. I must say, I was excited to see such positive programming on BET. I went to their website to see what additional content and information they had related to the subject matter and was surprised at what I discovered. The show’s homepage on includes an image linked to the latest episode (OK, makes sense). Underneath that was a section on “More on Skincare” (Great! Maybe I can learn something).  Also in this section was an image of Meagan Good with the caption, “Avoid these hair and make up faux pas”. I clicked on the image and discovered that these were not tips on what not to do but rather harsh commentary reminiscent of the “Fashion Police” cartoons I used to see in the back of hair magazines back in the day. Statements like “Wake up Golden [Brooks]! Put on a little mascara already!” and “What is that on Mel B’s head? Is it a hat, a honey bun or a turtle?” Though I am guilty of occasionally checking out gossip blogs that certainly have made statements more severe, my disappointment came primarily from the placement of this content. Here they are celebrating “Black beauty,” but in the same breath, on the same page, blatantly criticizing the same beautiful black women. Is tearing each other down so commonplace and “normal” that we can’t even have one Web page of positive images and content about black women?

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2 Responses to Keep it Beautiful, BET

  1. Vanessa says:

    I was rather delighted when I heard about the “My Black is Beautiful” show/campaign, but I never thought they would spin it this way. There are so many negative images and stereotypes that serve to degrade black women and it is a shame that this has turned into yet another means to do so.

  2. Titilola says:

    I agree….I think it is pretty ironic that the company that literally birthed the concept of brand management is at all associated with something so off-message. The whole idea of women bonding over cutting each other down is so very early 90s to me and I’m over it. Let’s see something positive!

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