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Published on May 18th, 2009 | by thevyne


Falling Back in Love…with YOU!

self-love3By Guest Contributor, Sukari Bowman

Everyone needs love in their life. If we are blessed, we get love from our friends and families.  I am truly blessed but felt like there was something missing.  Then one day, I figured it out.  Yes, the Hudson River parted and all of the traffic lights were green on the West Side Highway, Ha! Well, the epiphany may not have been that eventful, but it was significant, none the less.  Life happens, relationships happen and work happens.  We find ourselves in love with everything and everyone else, except ourselves.  I decided that this was not good enough for me.  I booked a ticket to Spain.  I had never been to Europe and had just been laid off from my job.  For a pure Virgo, this act of spontaneity was totally unheard of, but with time on my hands I decided to push the button and buy the ticket.  I did not have a plan while in Spain and did not think that this would be the place where the love affair would begin again.  I had an itinerary, but not everything was set in stone.  I left myself with the freedom to move when I wanted.  I experienced the beauty of Seville.  Smelled orange blossoms, watched the Flamingo dancers and ate to my heart’s content, but that was not where love blossomed.  I went to Madrid.  I saw the Prado, I ate paella and drank the most amazing red wine, but that was not where love blossomed.  I went to Barcelona.  I saw the works of Antonio Gaudi, ate tapas, drank wine, walked the streets like they were my own and smelled the Mediterranean Sea, but that was not where love blossomed.  I know you are wondering where the heck it came to be.  Well, it was when I hit customs in Newark.  That’s right, Newark.  After eight hours in the air, I came upon a man in uniform.  He took my passport and asked if I enjoyed Spain?  I answered “yes, I had an amazing trip”.  He then asked if I loved it so much that I would return.  I answered “no, I love MYSELF so much that I will return”.  He looked at me like I had three heads and said “welcome home”.  See, I fell in love with myself over a two week period.  I gave myself the gift of freedom from myself.  I left all of the stress, worry and self criticism in New York.  I began to be comfortable in my own skin again.  I found my confidence.  Most importantly, I found my faith, faith in myself, faith in the good Lord and faith in my heart.  For me it was important to take a time out.  I needed to stop and realize that the life I have been blessed with is one that I must live to the fullest.  I took myself on a two week date!! I wined and dined myself, had some wonderful massages, walked until I could not lift my legs any longer and ate and drank until I had gained ten pounds. I cried, I laughed and I sat still.  I fell in love with myself… the great, the not so great, and the things that I must continue to work on.  I left a lot of negative things in Spain and although I do plan on returning, I will never bring those things back with me.

Photo courtesy of Love it Lite.

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